Roobet is the leading of all crypto gaming platforms, known for its many thousands of games library, which includes Mines Roobet. It has gained popularity among players by offering an improved counterpart to the classic Minesweeper. According to the story, gamblers must rely on their intuition to get a chance at big rewards without resorting to the complex and outdated skills of the classic version. Our guide is perfect for those who want a break from the usual slot machine spins and card layouts. In it you will find information on how to master Roobet Mines, as well as effective tactics and tips from our team to win and enjoy the gameplay.

Roobet Mines General Details

Game NameRoobet Mines
ProviderRoo Game Exclusive
Year of Launching2022
Return to Player (RTP)97%
Maximum Payout100X 
Minimum Deposit0.01 Roolion
Demo VersionAvailable

What is the Roobet Mines Game?

In Roobet Mines, your winnings depend on your ability to dodge explosives. There are 25 hidden squares in the game, and after deciding on your bet and choosing the number of bombs to dodge, you begin to uncover these squares. In the process, you are allowed a minimum of one and a maximum of 24 bombs. When you successfully dodge them, a multiplier appears on the square, allowing you to lock in your winnings at that point. Conversely, colliding with a bomb causes it to explode and lose your bet. The multiplier value increases as the number of bombs increases, increasing both your bets and rewards. A higher multiplier reflects the increased difficulty of overcoming more obstacles. The game has no limit to the number of squares you can open per turn, but selecting all 25 guarantees a mine on every square, making any opening a losing move.

Main Symbols of the Mines game

There are only two types of symbols in the game: Stars and Mines. The former play a positive role in the gameplay, while the latter symbolize losses. 

  • Stars: These are multipliers that increase your winnings.
  • Mines: They signify danger, which is the risk of losing your bet.

In any case, you should familiarize yourself with the rules before you start playing. Note that if you choose more than 24 mines, you will automatically lose unless you cash out before you start trying.

Roobet Mines Game Mechanics

You, as a player, are invited to test your intuition and mathematical thinking by walking through a minefield. The mechanics are designed to balance risk and reward. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the main elements:

  • Setting the bet;
  • Selecting the number of mines;
  • Opening fields;
  • Accumulating the multiplier;
  • Cashing out.

The appeal of the game lies in the simplicity of the rules required to successfully navigate the minefield. However, when there are a few squares left on the field that defy mathematical calculation, you have to get lucky. 

How to play Mines on Roobet?

This game is an exclusive part of the Roo Originals lineup. The process starts by logging into the official Roobet website and creating an account, only then can you start playing by following the steps below:

  1. Select the “Roobet Games” section on the home page of the site;
  2. Open the “Mines” game;
  3. Specify the bet amount and the number of bombs.
  4. Click the “Start Game” button.

Even without these detailed instructions, any beginner will be able to understand the process, as it is intuitive. However, before starting the game, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the game rules, which are located at the very bottom of the page. 

Roobet Mines Demo Version

The Roobet Mines demo versionis suitable for those who are just starting to play or want to hone their skills. It replicates the functionality of the full version, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the interface without losing money. To enable it, follow the steps below:

  1. Login;
  2. Select the “Roobet Games” section;
  3. Navigate to the “Mines”;
  4. Select the demo version;
  5. Play for free for your enjoyment.

This mode is unlimited, so you can hone your skills as long as you want. In order to analyze the dynamics of improving your results, there is a function “History” in your personal account, where you can view them. Having practiced well, start playing for real money.

Roobet Mines Calculator

The size of your winnings directly depends on the difficulty level of the game, which is set by selecting the number of mines before starting it. The reward structure is formed thanks to multipliers, which change depending on the number of bombs and the successful opening of safe places. The Roobet Mines calculator will help to understand this, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with it:

Number of minesOpen spacesMultiplier
111,01 X
121,05 X
131,1 X
141,15 X
151,21 X
161,28 X
171,35 X
181,43 X
191,52 X
1011,62 X
1111,73 X
1211,87 X
1312,02 X
1412,20 X
1512,42 X

The payout chart provides different outcomes, emphasizing that the multipliers increase with each additional safe spot opened. In a typical scenario, a $10 bet with one mine and five open locations will yield a multiplier of 1.21, bringing $12.10 and a profit of $2.10, demonstrating minimal risk. The game stipulates that bets cannot start below 0.01 Roolion, and there is no upper limit in the rules.

What About RTP?

RTP (Return to Player) is a metric in virtual currency games that determines what percentage of the total amount of money a game should return to players over time. It gives an idea of its fairness and profitability, being an important aspect. In other words, this metric is necessary to understand the real potential of Roobet Mines in the short term. The virtual casino guarantees a figure of 98.6%, which is very high for an intelligent game that is not based on luck. After our testing for 14 days, we confirmed this data, but our rate was 98.8%, which is higher than the provider. 

Best Roobet Mines Strategy

If you’ve just created an account or have never played this game, you may be put off by its unpredictability. In our testing, the pros have developed a Roobet Mines strategy based on their two weeks of experience. While no one can give a 100% guarantee of winning, it will help you start more confidently and hone your skills in a short period of time:

  • Start with a minimum number of mines;
  • Don’t wait too long;
  • Develop a mathematical mindset;
  • Bet within your means. 

Our tips will increase your chances of winning in the beginning, but later on, playing on bigger cards, you will have to develop on your own. Do not forget about rest and self-discipline, play for fun, not to win as much money as possible. Let luck be with you!

Is Roobet Mines Cheat?

The issue of honesty at Roobet Mines almost never comes up and does not cause controversy among the participants. But if you are interested in this topic, we will gladly go into details so that you are left in no doubt, because the online casino has a set of the following facts: 

  • Independent auditing;
  • Honest algorithm;
  • User reviews and testimonials;
  • Transparent payout ratios;
  • Real-time monitoring systems;
  • Safe and honest random number generation;
  • Confirmed high % RTP.

The online casino has an international online gaming license from the government of Curacao and is regularly audited. That is, every game of the company is audited from time to time by independent auditing institutions, which provide a detailed report on each product, testing it thoroughly. Also, pay attention to the large number of online reviews and more importantly – player reviews. After what we have listed, you shouldn’t have any doubts left!


Roobet Mines is the most successful interpretation of the classic game with improved mechanics, quality graphics and more interesting gameplay. It is not only smart, but also profitable, because you can win quite large sums of money in it, agree, this is a great combination. It is designed to be state-of-the-art, and its high percentage of return to the player speaks of its guaranteed honesty and transparency. After our detailed review and advice from our professional team you should have no doubts, try your hand at Roobet Mines, it’s worth it!


How does the Roobet Mines predictor enhance gameplay?

The Roobet Mines predictor serves as a tool, offering insights into outcomes based on historical data and game patterns. 

What makes Mines on Roobet stand out from other online mine games?

Mines on Roobet is distinguished by its seamless integration with cryptocurrency, probably fair algorithms, and a user-friendly interface. 

What benefits do players get from trying the Mines Roobet free version?

The free version of Mines Roobet allows players to experiment with various strategies and understand the game’s rules without financial risk. It’s an excellent way for beginners to gain confidence and for experienced players to refine their tactics.

What is considered the best way to play Mines on Roobet for maximizing winnings?

The best way to play Mines on Roobet involves a balanced approach that includes setting a clear budget, choosing a manageable number of mines, and knowing when to cash out. This strategy balances the thrill of the game with prudent risk management.

How does selecting the number of mines impact the best way to play Mines on Roobet?

Choosing the number of mines directly affects the game’s difficulty and potential multipliers. A lower number of mines increases the chances of winning but offers lower multipliers, while more mines present higher risk and reward.