Experience first-hand the website services of Roobet, the world’s leading cryptocurrency casino and betting site, which has become one of the fastest growing platforms in the gaming industry. We have been established by professional players in 2019, making us one of the founders of online betting and online gambling.

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Roobet, a pioneer in the crypto industry, is a symbol of innovation and excitement. The world, embraced by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gambling enthusiasts alike, is witnessing a momentous shift from traditional offline gaming to the realm of online entertainment. Our main goal is to provide the ultimate entertainment experience, ushering in a new age of digital entertainment.

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Our main objective

The Roobet website is owned and operated by Raw Entertainment B.V., an experienced company that specializes in online gambling and sports betting.

Roobet’s mission is that we are committed to the practical application of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in everyday life. In addition, we wholeheartedly support and empower the creative community around us. Embodying a community-centered approach, inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. Our primary goal is to drive innovation and spread the fun of safe gaming and gambling to millions of players around the world.