In the pulsating realm of online gaming and sports betting, Roobet stands as a beacon of innovation and excitement. While its prowess in providing top-notch gaming experiences is well-known, what truly sets Roobet apart is its strategic approach to brand promotion through sponsorships. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of Roobet’s sponsorship initiatives for 2024, spanning esports, traditional sports, and influential personalities.

Roobet Sponsorship

Roobet’s Venture into Esports Sponsorships

In an era dominated by the exhilarating world of esports, Roobet has tactically positioned itself as a key player in supporting elite esports teams and organizations. A prime example is the collaboration with the Argentinian esports powerhouse, 9Z, founded by the influential streamer Frankaster. The partnership includes an exclusive betting agreement and participation in Roobet’s global esports tournament.

Another noteworthy venture is Roobet’s collaboration with Relog Media, a Serbian production and tournament organizer. Together, they bring forth the prestigious Roobet Cup, an exclusive CS:GO tournament showcasing Roobet’s commitment to fostering excellence in esports.

Traditional Sports Align with Roobet

Beyond the virtual battlegrounds, Roobet extends its support to the grit and determination of athletes in traditional sports. The brand’s focus on the UFC has been prominent, with notable partnerships with skilled fighters elevating Roobet’s visibility.

  • Brandon Moreno: Ranked 15th in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings, Moreno pioneers as the first MMA fighter in an official betting partnership with Roobet.
  • Marlon “Chito” Vera: This collaboration with the #6th ranked MMA fighter involves unique brand awareness campaigns across UFC-owned digital and social media platforms.
  • Claudio Puelles: The latest addition to Roobet’s MMA family, Puelles, the “Prince of Peru,” brings his influence to enhance the brand within the UFC community.

Roobet’s presence in traditional sports is not confined to the UFC; it is poised to expand its footprint across various sporting arenas.

Influencer Sponsorships: Snoop Dog Takes Center Stage

In the dynamic landscape of social media, Roobet strategically leverages influential personalities to amplify its brand reach. Among the luminaries in their roster, none shine brighter than the international superstar, Snoop Dog. The sponsorship agreement, initiated in March 2023, has paved the way for a series of captivating events, from launch parties to mega raffle giveaways.

The Gateway to Roobet Sponsorship

For those aspiring to join the illustrious league of Roobet sponsors, the pathway is open. While Roobet actively scouts for potential partners, it welcomes discussions with established brands and influencers who align with its ethos.

To initiate contact with Roobet for sponsorship considerations, reach out to them at: When reaching out, provide a comprehensive background about yourself and your brand, showcasing why a partnership with Roobet would be mutually beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Influencer at Roobet?

While Roobet sponsors a variety of influencers, their most popular influencer is undoubtedly Snoop Dog.

Do Roobet Sponsors Get Paid?

Yes, Roobet compensates its esports, traditional sports, and social media influencers for promoting or acting as ambassadors for the brand.

Can Anyone Become a Roobet Sponsor?

In theory, anyone can become a Roobet sponsor, especially if you are a sports personality or a social media influencer with a substantial follower base.

In conclusion, Roobet’s foray into sponsorships is a multifaceted strategy, intertwining the realms of esports, traditional sports, and influencer marketing. As the brand continues to evolve, so does its sponsorship landscape, creating opportunities for partnerships that resonate with the dynamic pulse of the gaming and betting industry.