Welcome to an exclusive gaming experience at Roobet, where we present the sensational Roo’s $100,000 Shootout Raffle. This thrilling event boasts a colossal prize pool of 100,000 USD, setting the stage for an unparalleled gaming venture. Here, we unravel the details of this remarkable promotion, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action.

Roll in Riches with Roo’s Raffle

Event Duration and Participation Criteria

The Roo’s $100,000 Shootout Raffle kicks off on 01.08.2024, 09:00 EST, and runs until 01.21.2024, 23:59 EST. Participation is open to all Roobet enthusiasts, and acquiring a raffle ticket is as easy as wagering a minimum of 250 USD on any game on the Roobet platform.

Earning Raffle Tickets

To escalate your chances of winning, every additional 250 USD wagered on any game on Roobet fetches you more raffle tickets. Engaging with the Pragmatic Play Slot Game: Gates of Olympus 1000 is particularly rewarding, as each 250 USD wagered on this game grants you a whopping 10 raffle tickets.

Ticket Distribution and Automatic Participation

Upon completing a 250 USD wager circle, you receive your raffle tickets. No split tickets are issued, and all bets automatically qualify for the Roo’s $100,000 Shootout Raffle while it is active. It’s a seamless and automatic process, ensuring you stay focused on the thrill of the games.

Conditions for Ticket Generation

It’s essential to note that raffle tickets are generated only for bets placed and settled during the promotion period. Sports bets contribute as well, but only if settled within the promotion timeframe. Opting for a cash-out nullifies ticket generation, and it’s crucial to understand that Free Bets do not contribute to raffle ticket accumulation.

Equal Winning Opportunities

Every raffle ticket holds an equal chance of securing the grand prize. With no limit on the number of tickets a user can accumulate, the playing field is leveled, offering a fair shot at the enticing rewards. Each participant is eligible with one account, ensuring transparency and fairness in the competition.

Prize Distribution

The climax of the Roo’s $100,000 Shootout Raffle unfolds on 01.22.2024, where 100 fortunate winners will be drawn and announced on the same day. The prizes range from substantial cash rewards to infuse excitement and anticipation among participants.

  • One prize of 10,000 USD
  • One prize of 7,500 USD
  • One prize of 5,000 USD
  • One prize of 4,500 USD
  • One prize of 4,000 USD
  • One prize of 3,500 USD
  • One prize of 3,000 USD
  • One prize of 2,500 USD
  • One prize of 2,000 USD
  • One prize of 1,500 USD
  • Twenty prizes of 1,000 USD each
  • Twenty prizes of 750 USD each
  • Thirty-six prizes of 500 USD each
  • Fourteen prizes of 250 USD each

Swift Reward Redemption

Winners can expect their prizes to be seamlessly deposited into the bitcoin balance of their Iron Pouch within 2 business days of the announcement. It’s a testament to Roobet’s commitment to providing a swift and efficient gaming experience.

Fairness in Play

In the rare instance where the company identifies any winner involved in illegal activities, bonus abuse, or fraud, a thorough investigation is conducted. If necessary, the affected prizes will be redrawn until an honest user is rightfully awarded.


In conclusion, the Roo’s $100,000 Shootout Raffle at Roobet is not just a game; it’s an immersive experience that blends excitement with transparency and fairness. As you gear up for the event, immerse yourself in the world of gaming where every wager brings you closer to a chance at the grand prize. Stay tuned, participate responsibly, and let the games begin!