Three Award-Winning Roobet Is King Of The World At the MiGEA – Malta’s Gaming Excellence Awards!

Coming fresh off a win for “Brand Ambassador Of The Year” at the Affpapa Awards last month, Roobet has done it again with 3 awards in 1 night! This time in Malta at the Malta Gaming Excellence Awards (MiGEA).

Roobet award


Roobet, a dynamic force in the gaming industry, continues its winning streak. The recent triumph at the MiGEA Awards cements its position as a leader, bagging three prestigious awards in a single night.

MiGEA Awards Overview

The MiGEA Awards stand as a beacon in the casino capital of the world, Malta. Often dubbed the “Oscars of gaming,” these awards honor industry greats, showcasing the best brands, both seasoned and emerging.

Event Details

Picture a grand celebration at the Hilton Hotel in Malta’s Master’s Hall, hosting over 500 gaming industry decision-makers, leaders, and high-net-worth achievers. The MiGEA Awards offer a glamorous platform for networking and celebration.

Roobet’s Nominations

Roobet’s anticipation was palpable, being nominated in several main categories. The excitement grew as the awards night unfolded.

Roobet’s Awards

The moment arrived, and Roobet shone brightly in key categories: Best Start-Up Company, Best Online Casino Operator, and Best Online Casino Product.

Meaning of the Awards

Winning the MiGEA Awards goes beyond mere recognition. Roobet gains industry acknowledgment, a trophy, certificate, extensive PR coverage, and a distinctive winners’ signature logo.

PR and Media Exposure

The spotlight on Roobet extends to press releases, live-streamed conferences, and coverage on various platforms, reaching a vast audience of over 70,000 GDPR-compliant customers.

Winners’ Logo

The winners’ signature logo becomes a powerful branding tool for Roobet, showcasing their excellence and success.

Why Roobet Is a Winner

Encouraging readers to explore Roobet, the article highlights its online crypto casino, sportsbook, promotions, blog, and the intriguing Roobet.Land.


In conclusion, Roobet’s triumph at the MiGEA Awards underscores its commitment to excellence. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the winning features by visiting

Q: How many awards did Roobet win at the MiGEA Awards?

Roobet won three awards in one night.

What categories were Roobet nominated in?

Roobet was nominated in categories like Best Start-Up Company, Best Online Casino Operator, and Best Online Casino Product.

Why are the MiGEA Awards significant in the gaming industry?

The MiGEA Awards are considered the “Oscars of gaming,” honoring excellence and innovation in the gaming industry.

What benefits does Roobet gain from winning the awards?

Roobet receives industry recognition, a trophy, certificate, extensive PR coverage, and a winners’ signature logo.

Where can I explore more about Roobet?

Visit to discover their offerings, including an online crypto casino, sportsbook, promotions, blog, and Roobet.Land.

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